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» » WD Art Gallery at Art Fair Dijon

WD Art Gallery at Art Fair Dijon

WD Art Gallery has the honor of representing the artists Vanina LANGER and David MIGUEL at the Art Fair Dijon.


Oeuvre de Vanina LANGER




WD Art Gallery is a digital gallery. Its identity is divided into two sites WD Art Gallery Classic and WD Art Gallery Modern. United by the same passion, the two founders, Bertrand Delbos and Nathan Waks have agreed to propose this new way of disseminating art.



Bertrand DELBOS et Nathan WAKS

Bertrand Delbos & Nathan Waks



The company markets its works under 2 main periods: one dating from the 19th century with works by old masters; the other with modern works from artists who are still alive.
In order to guarantee quality expertise, the company collaborates with specialists, historians and qualified experts.
WD Art Gallery Modern and WD Art Gallery Classic share one thing in common, that of discovery and the pleasure of sharing it with their amateur clients or collectors.
With Art Fair Dijon, this is an opportunity for WD to take a first step into contemporary art. Thus, the gallery has chosen to represent two talented artists : Vanina LANGER and David MIGUEL.



Bannière annonce Art Fair Dijon



Between a magical universe for Vanina, and a consumerist world for David, the two artists transport us to their respective worlds through their works.
True visual creations, WD Art Gallery is proud to represent these two artists.


Présentation des oeuvres



Guests were able to observe the works from September 30 to October 2, 2022.
During this weekend, Bertrand Delbos and his team presented the gallery and its values. They explained why they chose these artists and their creative process. It is clear that some works cannot do without visual contact, such as Cléo et Marguerite, the work of Vanina LANGER which measures nearly three meters in height, or even the mask of David MIGUEL, WD was therefore keen to participate in this event.



Nathan WAKS jouant du violonNathan WAKS jouant du violon

Nathan Waks



During the exhibition, Nathan Waks, Australian cellist and partner of WD Art Gallery, did the honor of playing two pieces of music that perfectly accompanied the works of the two artists and the atmosphere of the gallery.



Vanina LANGER et son oeuvre

Vanina Langer & Nathan Waks



Also, the artist Vanina LANGER honored us with her presence in Dijon to share a moment with the WD team.


Thank you all for your participation in the show.
Thank you also for all the positive feedback.


Below is a summary of the event.




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