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» » Preview of the Jean-Marie LEDANNOIS exhibition

Preview of the Jean-Marie LEDANNOIS exhibition




From geometric abstraction to abstract landscaping ...






On November 18, the opening of the work of the artist JEAN-MARIE LEDANNOIS took place, organized by WD ART GALLERY MODERN.







A friendly moment, in a rich setting, which took place in the 200m2 exhibition space of the Hotel Viaudey in Paris.





The abstract paintings exhibited in this sublime setting have shown that the modern and the classical are not incompatible.
The guests were then able to discover the work of the artist Jean-Marie Ledannois, an artist who paints with power and nuance the nature and the elements that compose it: water, air, earth and fire. His great talent is knowing how to grab the viewer with the beauty of his colors and the subtle internal movements of shadows and light in his gouaches while giving rise to contrasting emotions in the viewer: joy or melancholy, appeasement or energy. Influenced by Albers and Rothko, Jean-Marie Ledannois works are meditative and decorative, they are in line with current trends in decoration and perfectly integrate contemporary as well as classic interiors.



(Nathan Waks and Bertrand Delbos)

During this evening, Bertrand Delbos presented the gallery and its values. He explained why he chose this artist and why he felt it necessary to organize a physical exhibition. Indeed, WD ART GALLERY MODERN is basically an online gallery but it is clear that some works cannot do without visual contact. It is impossible on the internet to transcribe the magnificent colors and the artist's ability to immerse the viewer in them through subtle and delicate games of light and shadow. The artist's talent is also his ability to arouse contrasting emotions in the viewer.




(Bertrand Delbos during his speech presenting the gallery and the artist’s work)

In addition, he also explained why he had chosen the artist JEAN-MARIE LEDANNOIS and how he was in line with the DNA and the values ​​of the gallery.
PROFESSIONALISM: we still have a lot of things to do but we think this evening we have offered you a quality opening. IN ANY CASE WE DID IT with PASSION and MOTIVATION. THE DISCOVERY: JML is a discovery because the artist did not have the place he deserved during his lifetime for reasons of personality. To End THE SHARING: You have undoubtedly seen the small round pastilles marked NFT which constitutes our way of SHARING with You This passion for discovery. "



(Nathan Waks playing the cello)


There follows a musical event proposed by Nathan Waks, Australian cellist who played 3 pieces of music perfectly accompanying the works of the artist.
Included in the program:
Jean Barrière - Sonata for two cellos.
Morton Feldmann - Patterns in a Chromatic Field - cello and piano 1981.
Vivaldi Gloria. Recorded by Christopher Hogwood and the Academy of Ancient Music in 1978.





Thank you to everyone for your participation in the Vernissage.
Thank you also for all the positive feedback.

The Jean-Marie Ledannois exhibition lasts until 01/07/22, if you want a personalized visit do not hesitate to contact us on 06 20 26 92 55 for an appointment.


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