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» » » Jean Marie LEDANNOIS - Peinture originale - Gouache - Composition abstraite 31

Jean Marie LEDANNOIS - Peinture originale - Gouache - Composition abstraite 31

Reference -AB0759

Cette composition abstraite est une peinture originale à la gouache signée par l'artiste Jean-Marie LEDANNOIS qui personnalisera de manière unique et originale l'intérieur des amateurs d'art.

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Jean Marie LEDANNOIS - Peinture originale - Gouache - Composition abstraite 31

Artiste : LEDANNOIS Jean-Marie (1940-2014)

Titre : Composition abstraite (Après 1975)

Technique et support : Mixte, huile et gouache sur carton rigide

Particularités de l'oeuvre : Peinture originale, signature au tampon au dos avec mention Atelier Ledannois

Dimensions : 65 x 50 cm

Etat : Bon

Provenance : Vente atelier de l'artiste, la facture engage la responsabilité de la galerie quant à l'Authenticité de l'oeuvre


Artist's biography Jean-Marie Ledannois (born in Sannois in 1940 and died in Boissy-Mauvoisin in 2014) is a French painter, lithographer and ceramist. Jean-Marie Ledannois is the pseudonym of Jean-Marie Boudot hence his JMB Monogram on some of his works. He was a student at the Ecole Superieure des Arts Appliques et Métiers d'Art while at the same time being a ceramicist student in the studio in Paris of Annie Martin-Talboutier, wife of the sculptor Etienne Martin. From 1960 and for more than 50 years, he regularly exhibited his gouaches and oils on canvases in galleries around the world and participated in many international contemporary art fairs including the first FIAC in 1974 with the MELKI gallery (Rue de Seine in Paris). The countryside near Paris where he lives is a source of inspiration and he regularly receives his great artistic and literary friendships, including Régis Debray who will devote an essay to him entitled "Ledannois (essay on the painter Jean-Marie Ledannois)", Éditions Pierre Horay , Paris, 1977. He also directed the Abel-Lauvray art center in Mantes la jolie from (1998 to 2005) and was a professor within the movement of contemporary artists in Yvelines. His path follows that of the history of art with 3 distinct periods in the artist's work. He is Influenced by Joseph ALBERS (1888-1976), Jean BAZAINE (1904-2001), Jean FAUTRIER (1898-1964), Alfred MANESSIER (1911-1993), Mark ROTHKO (1903-1970) and Willem de KONING (1943- 1997). Its movements of belonging are in chronological order: Lyrical abstraction, geometric abstraction and abstract landscaping .. Common point of these periods, an art which finds its inspiration in nature and acts on our sensitivity through colors and their symbolic duality.


References : "Ledannois (essay on the painter Jean-Marie Ledannois)", Éditions Pierre Horay, Paris, 1977. See photos below.


Art reviews on the work of Jean-Marie LEDANNOIS : “In this tear in the horizon, you can see landscapes, they are there, but my point goes beyond description. I want to try to paint what is behind the landscape, to paint the indefinable of light, to paint the subtle or violent emotion of the meeting between the outside and myself. This is why I gradually eliminated figuration, anecdote, even forms that can lead to confusion. My goal is not to tell a story but to provoke the discourse of the spectator, it is he who, going to meet one or the other of these paintings, will seek his own sensitivity: the colors have a transformative power of sensitivity and mood. Have you never been hit and transformed in front of a sunset (I take this example because I am often asked)? It is neither the sun, nor the sky or the earth which suddenly invades you, they are there twenty-four hours a day, but it is a privileged moment when the harmony of colors touches you and transforms you. "- Jean Marie Ledannois​


“The works of Jean-Marie Ledannois, in particular his dark blue and ocher gouaches, underline a spirit of rigor, clarity, a desire to approach the imagination in its most meticulous form. The colors used are then of an almost diaphanous subtlety and softness. They reveal a mysterious atmosphere, made of relentlessness. Also the inspiration which animates his compositions is therefore of a precious refinement. "- Jean-Marie Tasset


"... There is indeed a nobility, a refinement, an obvious subtlety in the gouaches of Jean-Marie Ledannois, a tense sobriety which is expressed through large generally rectangular planes in which circulates a luminous transparency, a colored modulation. , a delicate but dense space from which emerges the mystery of man, his simplicity and his presence. At the age of thirty-three, Jean-Marie Ledannois achieves a rare physiological-intellectual balance, a sign of a talent which can only be affirmed. "- Henry Galy-Carles


"Ledannois measures the color, the material (sand, synthetic fiber), in his" not quite rectangular "which on the canvas overlap, isolate, multiply in a different texture, a tone that goes from the lightest to the darker. This painter likes the use of the repeated form which will allow him to create an illusion of depth: this series of overlapping planes develops a visual articulation, highlights an emotion of a purely plastic order which tends to perfection, expresses harmony in a clear and powerful way. "- Monique Dittière


“We will evoke MONDRIAN what is improper. We should rather look on the side of MALEVITCH for whom rigor is a way of crossing the threshold of realism. To transcend the pictorial language. Ledannois achieves this by internalizing it, by bringing it to these sober effects of matter. Rigor and sensuality are not incompatible. "- Jean-Jacques Lévêque




This description was developed by us following our expertise and the various reference books on the artist in our possession, any copying is therefore prohibited.


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